Bolling Hall Crenshaw was a talented mathematician who authored several books on the subject. He spent most of his professional life at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, now Auburn University. He was a member of the Executive Triumvirate which was formed to govern API during the years of depression (1932-1935).

Crenshaw built his 1890 Victorian home across the street from the historic Halliday-Pick House. The Halliday-Pick raised cottage was built before this region gained statehood and remains a historic landmark in the North College Historic District.  What is now the Crenshaw Guest House served as Crenshaw’s personal residence initially, soon thereafter, the second floor was added to house university students.  For many years,  Crenshaw, his wife Willie Ella Glenn, and their two daughters, Mary Glenn and Sarah Hall shared the property with university students.

William (Will) and Martha Hardie purchased the home in 1942. Will operated a nursery on the back of the property and Martha was an artist. During the 40 years the Hardies owned the property, the upstairs was transformed into two apartments which were typically rented by university students.   After 40 years of ownership, the Hardies sold the property.

 ”Peppi” and Frances Speight Sugg Verma purchased the property which was in need of significant repair.   Peppi, who earned a Masters in Engineering in Auburn, transformed the house into a family residence.  The carriage house, now known as the Thach Room, remained a student rental.   Frances Speight Sugg Verma, the granddaughter of Dean Cliff Hare, had close ties to the Auburn community. Cliff Hare was a colleague of Dr. Crenshaw, the football stadium bares Cliff Hare’s name. Four years of hard labor were needed to restore this Victorian in conformance with the Department Of Interior Guidelines.  The Verma’s obtained approval to operate a Bed and Breakfast in 1983.   The Verma’s then moved upstairs and transformed the first floor to bed and breakfast rooms.  The Crenshaw Guest House opened for business on May 20, 1985.   The rear porch was enclosed in 1995, and additional carriage house rooms were built behind the original carriage house.  The Vermas had the privilege of hosting many very distinguished guests.

George and Lynn Postell purchased the house in July, of 2008 and carried on the work of Peppi and Fran offering a unique, alternative lodging alternative to Auburn visitors. Each Main House guestroom features accessories associated with a particular owner and their time at Auburn. George and Lynn, though from the south, lived in Jacksonville, FL, Warminster, PA, and most recently, Ocean Pines, MD. All four of the Postell children graduated from Auburn.  In spite of living in Maryland for 20 years, all four of the Postell children graduated from Auburn University. Son Mat graduated in ’02, with Doug ’06. Stephanie ‘09 and Christina ’10. George is a former Navy and NASA pilot and is now focused on improving his golf and enjoying the wonderful Auburn community.  Lynn, a lifetime lover of books, is focused on being the ultimate grandmother.

Stephen and Sarah Jenkins purchased the home in November 2013.  Steve, a 1990 Auburn graduate,  comes from a family of many Auburn grads with roots in Alabama.  Sarah is a former teacher and bled Kentucky blue upon her arrival, though this changed with the influence of Bruce Pearl!  The Jenkins loved hosting families of students visiting Auburn, parents of Auburn students, visiting professors, families coming for swim meets and other extracurricular events and Auburn sports fans of all types!  Their main reason for purchasing the Crenshaw Guest House was to share Christian hospitality and provide a comfortable, clean, home away from home for current and future friends visiting Auburn.

Come by and stay with us, and make your own history at the Crenshaw Guest House.


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