In keeping with industry standards, Crenshaw Guest House will take regular reservations up to 9 months in advance.  Both the reservation and the rate will be at set at that time. Special reservations, those for football weekends, whole house bookings, multiple room bookings, holidays, return guests and other university related special events may be made 12 months in advance and may require a 2 night minimum.  Please understand special rates/promotions do not apply during special event times. While special reservations can be made a little further in advance the room rate will not be set until 9 months prior to the date of the stay.


Each room has a designated occupancy.  Rates posted are based on the following occupancies: Nichols-2; Hare-2; Petrie-3; Thach-3; Jordan-2; Samford-2; Pat Dye-4 Crenshaw Guest House reserves the right to charge an additional $10 per guest per night for each person over the standard occupancy for the rooms stated above.  The additional cost  includes breakfast for each occupant. Depending on occupancy, additional guests may be brought in for breakfast for an additional $5 per guest.  Please make arrangements in advance with the hosts. Children are welcome at Crenshaw Guest House, however, due to close proximity of the rooms, shared hallway, and age of the house,  guests with children under the age of 6 are asked to reserve rooms that are not in the main house (Thach, Jordan, Samford, Pat Dye).


Regular Reservations:  A 24 hour cancelation notice is required on Regular reservations.  If we can rebook your room(s), a full refund will be made.

 Special Reservations:  A 45 day cancelation notice is required on Special reservations.  If we can rebook your room(s), a full refund will be made.  Special reservations include football weekends, whole house bookings, multiple room bookings, holidays and other university related special events.


Check-in: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Please call 30 minutes prior to arrival so that we are available to assist with check-in.  If arriving outside of check-in times, please call to make arrangements.

Check-out: 11:00 AM – Sometimes a later check-out can be accommodated depending on occupancy.


Absolutely No Smoking inside any of the facilities; however designated outdoor smoking areas are available.


We do provide several suites outside of the main house that are pet friendly.  Please see the pet policy at this link for more details.  Crenshaw Guest House Pet Policy.


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